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It’s great to see Rick Grimes Andrew Lincoln finally get a win. After piling on the misery during the second half The Walking Dead ‘s sixth season and first half of the seventh as Grimes and his crew descended into a Saviors-induced hell where everything was wrong, Season 7’s second half is finding them digging their way out. Rick’s deal with the taciturn junkyard scavengers in “New Best Friends” is the most significant progress the Alexandrians have made in anything besides gathering canned goods since they met Negan Jeffrey Dean Morgan Not coincidentally, this is the most straight-up fun episode since the second episode of Season 6B, which introduced Jesus Tom Payne and featured an almost slapstick fight between him and Rick and Daryl Norman Reedus. Between the junkyarders’ inexplicably stunted vocabulary and goth-punk wardrobe, the cheesy greenscreen that showed the junkyard stretching out all the way to the horizon and Rick’s mano-a-mano cage match with a homemade melee weapon of a walker, this episode was absurd in all the right ways. The action took place in two locations, the still-unnamed junkyard and the Kingdom, so let’s break it down by location. Someone asks “Are you collective, or does one lead? He wants to see their prisoner Father Gabriel Seth Gilliam , so they bring him out.

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He could lose a hand. What About the Whisperers? Nicotero, however, talked about bringing that group of villains to the screen. In fact, Danai decided to write the letter herself based on what she thought it would say. View Story Rick vs.

Feb 15,  · It would seem to go without saying that the scene where the dudes got freaking blown up Deadpool style from a bazooka would automatically rate as one of the best Walking Dead .

Who Are You Now? Six years after the previous episode, the people of Alexandria have to decide whether or not to accept a new group of survivors into their community. Just when I was wondering how AMC’s The Walking Dead could continue, and if it should, without the presence of Rick Grimes, the man we followed into this world eight years ago, last week’s episode threw me for a loop by including an epilogue that moved the show’s timeline forward six years. The story wasn’t going to continue the day after Rick “died”,it’s now going to show us a world that has changed while Rick has been gone.

They held my interest and attention with that move, I had to see how this was going to play out. One episode later, I’m not feeling blown away by our first glimpse into a world six years removed from Rick Grimes. The more things change, the more they stay the same, I suppose. There are some new structures around, like windmills and Old West style buildings, and some characters have different relationships than they had before – Carol Melissa McBride and King Ezekiel Khary Payton are now married, and I never would have predicted that Rosita Christian Serratos and Father Gabriel Seth Gilliam would hook up.

That’s two love interests for him over the course of just six episodes! Still, the most notable change as far as I’m concerned was all the new hairstyles. Eugene Josh McDermitt has grown his mullet out into a ponytail, Carol is wearing a long white wig, Michonne Danai Gurira has a cool cut that doesn’t seem practical in a land infested by zombies, having the sight of one eye obscured by hair. Of course, another major change is that Judith Grimes Cailey Fleming is now 10 years old and an active character on the show, having grown up to be the Little Ass Kicker that Daryl Norman Reedus once predicted she would be.

The council that will decide their living situation includes Michonne, who is very clearly against the idea of letting them move in; Gabriel; Dr. I was very curious to learn more about this group of outsiders, as I expect they’ll be playing a prominent role throughout the rest of the season, especially since they’re all characters from the comic book source material.

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Colt Detective Special 1st Gen with round butt -. Ruger SP with bobbed hammer -. Note how her holster is oversized for the short revolver. Daryl then uses the revolver to blow up the dynamite in boxes to lure walkers in Season 8’s premiere “Mercy” S8E He carries the revolver in a leather left handed drop leg holster.

Daryl, Maggie, Carol and the rest of the group split up and search the rest of the place, finding a canoe, farming equipment and the biggest find of all: a wagon. Fortunately, they’re able to.

There is something about a badass motorcycle-riding, crossbow-toting redneck that appeals to a huge number of viewers of the popular AMC zombie survival drama series. Now, heading into his ninth season on the show, Daryl is put in a position where he has allies and friends in nearly every community. The answer given was an interesting one.

There are some options. He does have a great connection with Carol, who resides at The Kingdom with Ezekiel and many fans would love to see many more scenes involving the two of these characters. He could also become the next leader of The Saviors, taking over for Negan now that he has been thrust out of power. He did spend some time there to get to know how the place works but has never been the kind of character to take on leadership roles in a group.

Or perhaps he could exile himself and live in the woods or at the dump where The Scavengers used to reside on his own. He does have the survival skills to not need to rely on others for food or shelter. The most likely is that he kind of drifts between the communities like he did through much of season 8, never really settling down and keeping his options open.

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Sunday 29 October One key moment that arrived at the episode’s climax, however, saw Rick Grimes Andrew Lincoln collide with a character he’s not seen since the season 1. After ambushing a Saviours outpost with Daryl, Rick – at the top level of the building – is helf at gunpoint by Morales Juan Gabriel Pareja. Rick, looking at him, says, “You’re Morales.

Here’s the real fun of it all, Carol had a huge head start on everyone, Morgan was on horseback, and the half dead dude still managed to catch up and find them at an opportune moment. (Clapping.

As some of us already known about this Saddiq tells Michonne that Maggie has left with Georgie to help her build other communities Season 10 may be interesting after all. The new leader of Hilltop is Jesus but he does not like it. It seems Tara is running things around there. Enid is now the Doctor t Michonne , Magna and her crew manages to make it back to there camp.

They run into a herd and Michonne Recognizes them. Remember Bernie the one they were talking about last week well Magna could not put him down so Michonne does it instead. Scouts from the hilltop runs into Michonne and tells her that Rosita is under care up at the Hilltop. Rosita and Eugene escapes the Whisperer’s and Rosita left Eugene in a barn so she can get others to help. We will finally see the dog in this episode has Daryl finally tells Carol the reason why he left for is he went out to look for Rick’s body but after awhile just got used to it out in the woods and just stayed there.

Carol gives Daryl a haircut. Michonne , Magna and her crew has not yet made it to Hilltop. Jesus is training Aaron. At the end of the episode Daryl , the dog , Aaron and Jesus goes looking for Eugene based upon Rosita’s info.

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Comment As the countdown continues towards The Walking Dead Season 8, 17 new photos have surfaced that give us a closer look at all of the most important characters in the zombie apocalypse. These arrive along with an official All Out War poster featuring all of our favorites. No matter which side these characters are on, they’re all preparing for the All-Out War that kicked off in the Season 7 finale, when members of The Kingdom and the Hilltop Colony came to fight for Rick and the Alexandria community, as they drove back Negan Jeffrey Dean Morgan and his Saviors.

While these photos don’t exactly reveal any major plot points, if you aren’t caught up with the series through Season 7, there may be some SPOILERS below, so read on at your own risk. Rick and Michonne have been romantically linked ever since the group first found Alexandria in Season 5, and now they’ll be fighting side by side against Negan.

Luckily, Carol hadn’t arrived yet and promptly blew shit up good, saving them. Badass Family: While they eventually treat each other as such, some of the members are actually bound by blood, specifically The Grimeses, The Peletiers, The Greenes and the Sibling Teams of Daryl and Merle, Andrea and Amy and Tyreese and Sasha.

On top of a truck or camper that’s high off the ground. What do you do? You’ve taken over the group from your friend. Everyone listens to you now. You lost a little girl back at the highway and your son just got shot by accident. The person who shot him sends you to a man named Hershel. Hershel’s a doctor and he saves your son, but wants you and your group to keep moving. He’s got a farmhouse that hasn’t been overrun by walkers, yet.

Two of the walkers are his family. Bust open the barn and shoot!

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Thanks to the Anyone Can Die nature of the series, the group’s lineup changes considerably from season to season. While its’ lineup may be constantly changing, one thing isn’t – Rick’s leadership that pushes the group to go on and keep surviving. For individual character tropes, visit their pages through the main index.

Apr 04,  · And Rick even managed to find his smile and hook up with Michonne. Sure they had the occasional minor setback with losing the city mayor Deanna, the replacement doctor took an arrow to the eye and Carol suddenly got antsy about killing, but all in all, they were living the sweet life.

By Eric Goldman Note: Full spoilers for the episode follow. At least Rick did own up to what was happening to Hershel, rather than keep it all under wraps and to himself, and Hershel continues to be a pretty solid source of tried but true wise, comforting wisdom on this show. Even if it was not under optimum circumstances — or when he was at his most stable — it was also cool to see Glenn step up into a leadership role, even if it was briefly.

She called The Governor out… sort of. But she also let him off the hook in so many ways. Yeah, he talked about his poor, zombie daughter, but what about the aquarium full of decapitated heads? I feel… you too as well! It is a bit tricky though, because Daryl is obviously meant to have changed and evolved, but we never saw him with Merle in the first place.

Still, it was fun to have the two of them off on their own finally and I actually wish the writers had let them stay away from the prison a bit longer, just to explore this dynamic further. Daryl correcting his casually racist brother’s comments was amusing, and, of course, we got to see Daryl perform some pretty damn impressive zombie kills saving that family – smashing that one in the car trunk was especially cheer-worthy.

The Maggie and Glenn situation is a tricky one that will likely cause some debate. Meanwhile this week, we got a budding relationship between Carol and Axel — one that included some cheesy moments Axel, you’re so whimsical!

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For more from the panel, check out what Andrew Lincoln had to say about his final scene, and which three characters are returning. To start things off, let’s take a look at what’s already on the table. Previous to this weekend, AMC released both the new opening credits sequence, which new showrunner Angela Kang chose because of its graphic novel infused with series Easter eggs quality So now that you’ve watched the credits and the initial beats Carol’s haaaaaat!

But despite the tranquility of Rick’s homestead, the solar-paneled goings-on in Alexandria, the farming in Hilltop, and the workshop clanging of the Sanctuary, “A New Beginning” had the unenviable task of setting up Rick’s exit. Not that star Andrew Lincoln is leaving right away, but this first half season will definitely spell the end for him.

Well, we’re here. The Walking Dead is one episode away from writing off the de facto main character of one of the most popular shows in the history of cable television, eight years after he.

New showrunner Angela Kang addressed several of the loudest fan complaints in the episode’s first half. Daryl speaks in complete sentences and never once utters the odd grunt that once became synonymous with his character. The practicalities of living in a post-apocalyptic society, like the lack of available gasoline, are addressed. The Floor is Lava! Rick takes a group down to the basement, and they find seeds to plant.

Daryl, Maggie, Carol and the rest of the group split up and search the rest of the place, finding a canoe, farming equipment and the biggest find of all: Unfortunately, the lobby floor is glass, and underneath the glass stumbles a horde of walkers.

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Dale, Carol, Daryl Dixon, and Andrea spend the night on the highway in the RV, though Carol’s sobbing keeps everyone awake. Andrea decides to join Daryl in a midnight search for Sophia. Andrea decides to join Daryl in a midnight search for Sophia.

The Walking Dead Review: Knowing exactly when these two will depart has only helped AMC amp up the intensity of those emotions. Regardless, you can certainly guarantee that a lot of people will be tuning in next week, at the very least. The Saviors continue to be infuriating, in the sense that they all behave as if they have a death wish, and continuously instigate scenarios that can only end in getting killed. At one point, she hovers a zombie over a prone Father Gabriel, saying that this is somehow her ticket to being taken away by the helicopter people.

Are they collecting zombies?

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The Walking Dead Comic Newbie: It’s all the same. Written by Stephanie Burdo on April 4, at 5: What is the same? When the first issue was released in , I was only eleven years old. At that age, I had barely enough money to buy lunch at school, let alone follow a comic book series.

what i need is for carol and daryl to be in a dire situation and carol looks at daryl and says ‘in case we never meet again” and grabs his face and kisses him good and hard and yes carol is .

If any of you are first-timers here, let me break it down for you: Two, this site is dedicated to shows we love. The world is full up on negativity, and I just want to get excited about cannibals, Walkers, and proper weapons care with friends, okay? Sweet-faced innocent boy who will turn up in a surprising way later: We led them here! We were trying to do something good. We were human beings. What are we now Gareth? Are the luckiest people!

I want to talk about that studded leather belt with the spikes. If those were indeed gold, that is a soft metal and not doing you any good. Holy shit, I love everything happening. Just in time for Halloween: Everything needs to be cooked to a nice medium well?

Norman Reedus Daryl Dixon and Carol Peletier ever HOOK UP on Walking Dead? He ANSWERS! FUNNY!