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Were popular or once-popular Internet sites covered by supermarket tabloids, it would be easy to imagine the title of this article making the covers of a few of them. As many of you reading this are no doubt aware, Channel Awesome has suffered a serious decline in recent years. But even in its glory days, there were plenty of instances of mismanagement, communication failures, and questionable handling of incidents. These flaws managed to remain under control up until the time of To Boldly Flee, but afterwards were causing serious damage to the brand. There seemed to be a gradual lack of confidence and trust in the non-Chicago producers. As the years went by, many high-profile producers left, some for their own reasons and some because of disputes or disagreement with site management.

TGWTG Episode 2: Fork You

Find a souvenir such as an acorn, to bring home and display on your altar to remind you of your memories. Pick wildflowers together on your way home. Make it a suprise and see how they react. If you want to, tell them its made up of your magick. Practice some Kitchen Witchery together. Write a poem or spell for your love and say it aloud, make them gush.

Watch video · The queen of 90s action television returns to Cheapskate Live! to watch Acapulco H.E.A.T., the Franco-Mexican answer to Baywatch! If the phrase “secret agents go undercover as supermodels” doesn’t draw you in, I don’t know what will.

Todd in the Shadows left TGWTG Controversy While TJ, in particular, has said he has no harsh feelings about being told to leave, many of the other content producers who left the site have accused Channel Awesome of scamming their fan base and treating their content creators like shit. LordKaT, a former producer, airs out all the company’s dirty laundry here: The fans constantly ask TJ about it, even though he hasn’t been associated with the organization for years.

They do the same shit with DP’s favorite anime. Nostalgia Critic Main Article: Nostalgia Critic The Nostalgia Critic is arguably the most famous and most well-received internet reviewers on YouTube and the internet as a whole. He is very popular and known for reviewing nostalgic movies he grew up watching. But he has recently run out of that content and now reviews all kinds of different movies and has broken his own rules.

He actually tried to retire the show in but was brought back by popular demand in February of

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GigaBob Exactly what it says on the tin For an alternate version of this story with commentary, check out my blog. The link’s in my profile. Lupa was really happy.

“Tragic Love” Fanart of the at the time love triangle going on between Your Nostalgia Chick, Todd in the Shadows, and Obscurus Lupa in the web series “Nostalgia Chick”, “Todd in the Shadows”, and “Obscurus Lupa Presents,” respectfully, amoung others.

Zig-zagged in all three “Spooning With Spoony” segments. The horror and Spoony’s smug objectification of everyone provides the funny, not specifically that they were raped. Also as a bonus, The Nostalgia Chick and The Nostalgia Critic are the most traumatized, yet Lindsay and Doug came up with their respective episode idea. He then rapes Ask That Guy because that’s what people want. Bring My Brown Pants: Lee craps himself when he sees King Hippo in Punch-Out!! The whole message of the special is that the Critic makes everyone miserable and the whole world would be better off without him, especially his fellow site contributors.

Except President Angry Joe blows up Canada and probably kills Phelous, which is offhandedly mentioned within the special itself.

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Why do ninjas attack Lupa at all times of the day? Lupa’s an overpowered Mary Sue, so someone probably wants her dead. Either that, or they want to kill her and take her power somehow. She got up and kicked the ninja in the achilles tendon, making him explode. It was just another day for Lupa.

United States: Charlotte (Nc) Nagaoka, Japan; Cachoeiro De Itapemirim, Brazil; Bissau, Guinea-Bissau; Czestochowa, Poland.

Zelinko In your mind, reading your thoughts. I’m sure a few will survive and continue to produce but I’ve gone from watching a bunch of people from Channel Awesome to watching pretty much just Brad Jones. I also listen to some of LordKat’s pod-casts his tech and video game podcasts are actually very business focused not not super comedic as mentioned by Lubaf he is a former Channel Awesome producer who jumped ship a long time ago and takes pleasure in calling out their bullshit.

He’s said that Michaud is basically a do nothing CEO that really doesn’t know what he’s doing and causes alot of behind the scenes drama with the producers. Given the events over the last 2 years I would say that those accusations looking increasingly likely to be true. Also apparently Channel Awsome has had some serious behind the scenes financial issues due to them renting that studio, so I won’t be shocked if they fold up or fade away soon.

You can tell alot of the producers of these videos are kinda giving up, some have gone on to get real world jobs and some have just plain faded away. Only Benzai seems to have actually made the jump to becoming a professional media personalty he is now on French television and is fairly popular. You could also perhaps add James Rolf AVGN as a success since he did get his movie made and released in theaters albeit in a very limited release.

Obscurus Lupa (Allison Pregler)

This occurs somewhere in between Chapters 5 and 6. I didn’t mean that literally. Unusually, the sound was a dull metallic ring, not unlike a bell. Since when does he have a robot duplicate?

After all of the saving and looking forward to going away you want to make sure that you are able to get the most out of your international holiday.

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Phelous anastasia Anastasia (Golden Films) – Phelous The Secret of Anastasia – Phelous Anastasia (Dingo Pictures) – Phelous The Hunchback of Notre Dame (Golden Films) – Phelous .

Kousei is the reserved, cynical Straight Man while Kaori is cheerful, wild, and optimistic. Kousei also fits with his best friend, Tsubaki, who is tomboyish and energetic. She has unrequited feelings towards him. While they never go beyond subtext, since the series especially the anime thrives on Ship Tease , Mahaado and his student Mana fit this trope quite well. About the only point missing is the Squishy Wizard status, since Mahaado is well trained both in magic and military arts.

While he doesn’t fit the “soft” attribute being quite physically adept , he’s very aloof and scornful of friendships. She’s very excitable and clumsy and is probably the only person in the series who has gotten Jack to attend a social event that didn’t involve dueling. Comic Books Batman and Catwoman often have a downplayed version of this relationship:

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Shattered Phelous Obscurus lupa phelous dating after divorce, obscurus lupa Everything’s Better with Dinosaurs: During her review of 13 seconds, Lupa plays the demon from the movie who forces her to review Gerry 2: Which is fitting, considering the whole Lupa part of her name. She began reviewing in late and after gaining some notoriety on their forums, she became a member of the TGWTG family.

My Bloody Valentine – Phelous & Obscurus Lupa Upload, share, download and embed your videos. Watch premium and official videos free online. Download Millions Of Videos Online. The latest music videos, short movies, tv shows, funny and extreme videos. Discover our featured content.

In her Peewee’s Playhouse Christmas Special review, Lupa, in a moment of Self-Deprecation , shows that all she gets is hate mail with MarzGurl appearing to sort through all of it. This becomes a lot less funny after reading this post. Her packages from ” Fuck Face ” in her Christmas specials are a lot less funny as well given how she received letters sent to her home threatening to rape her. Any of her crossovers with The Nostalgia Critic are painful to watch in light of her falling out with Doug Walker.

The review of A Talking Cat!?! The bloopers show them laughing and having fun as well. At the end of her review of The Howling 5: Rebirth, she sends Checkers to kill a werewolf outside her door, which ended him dying. It becomes a lot less funnier knowing that the real Checkers died in

Traxx with Special Guest Obscurus Lupa

The healthful effects of kiwi fruit now come to you from New Zealand. Since , when Phloe was first launched in New Zealand, it has grown to become the leading digestive health product in pharmacies. Sunday Nov 18, Zyactinase – Phloe Phloeusa.

Obscurus Lupa runs the show Obscurus Lupa Presents, which features “Z-grade” movies. She mostly focuses on martial arts and horror flicks. She began the show in late and after participating in many Awesome Blogs of the Week segments, she became a member of the Channel Awesome family.

Clarifying none of the exits outside of Phelan had anything to do with me, and even then Phelan and I had been planning on leaving for quite some time. So was I fired? Well, yes and no. No producer has ever been paid by CA, and that includes the anniversaries. We did get a free copy of the movie for ourselves, if they remembered to send it to us. But I also had to do that to make barely enough to live, as this is my job.

It was very hostile, unprofessional, and uncomfortable. This was followed shortly after with a call from him and Doug mandating how many midrolls we were able to use, among other insulting things. I decide why not?

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Kate is a pure, chaste woman who only sleeps with her husband 18 months ago Who will be after Lindsay? You have to have been involved in some major controversy or make a general asshat of yourself. He said his video on Linkara is going to be over an hour long, and that his next video is going to involve “coat hangers” so obviously Nostalgia Chick is up next. I’d bet after that he covers Angry Joe since there’s a lot of shit he’s linked with, but beyond that is there really anyone remotely amusing to discuss?

He was on the site for a while, and there’s enough shit on that asshole to fill a two hour video, but he still has a following so that would probably lead to an internet slap fight.

Play, streaming, watch and download Ali Baba & the Gold Raiders – Phelous, Cinema Snob & Obscurus Lupa w/ Harry Partridge video (), you can convert to mp4, 3gp, m4a for free. Brad, Allison and Phelan team up to look at one of the most.

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Clue VCR Mystery Game: Playing Chapter 1 – Phelous & Obscurus Lupa