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Welcome We take saltwater fishing seriously. Our expert fishing guides maximize your catch with our extensive database of secret fishing spots in Southwest Florida acquired over many decades. We also offer leisure trips such as beach outings , private tours , lunch by the sea , and scuba diving. Or you can become a certified scuba diver by training with our dive master. Testimonials Hi, fantastic day at sea with Kyle and Ricky. We arrived late due to the fact that our GPS took us to the address in Kyle and Ricky were great, very informative and patient with all of us, especially my 11 year old son.

Fishing with cigar minows

Dark blue back, brownish-blue sides, fading to a silvery-white belly First dorsal fin is greatly enlarged and sail-like, has black spots, squared off in front and is highest in the middle Pelvic fins are extremely long and narrow Upper jaw elongated into a spear shape Scales imbedded with blunt ends Lateral line curves over the pectoral fin Similar Species: Up to 11 feet pounds Habitat: Sailfish are a rapidly growing species; they reach feet in one year.

They feed aggressively on small fish and squid. Off southeast Florida, sailfish move inshore to shallow water and spawn near the surface in summer.

Miami fishing report Fishing Offshore Fishing offshore in the Miami area offers the angler a chance to hook up with a Wahoo, Dolphin (Mahi-Mahi), [ ] Category: Uncategorized. Tagged grouper fishing, miami fishing report. 3 comments. Read more Grouper Fishing.

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The Grouper Window

The concept and technique have been presented by a man named Norihiro Sato. I learned jigging from watching his DVDs. He is my Sensei. But jigging looks totally different in this video. It is my intension to share the principles and techniques throughout this website.

May 16,  · Finish with a livebait circle hook, size 4/0 to 7/0. This is a deadly livebait grouper system. Hook size should be determined by the size of your baitfish. Hook the bait through both eye sockets.

What better time to get serious about bottom fishing and start putting more big groupers in the boat! Groupers make their home under coral ledges, within rock piles, and particularly wreckage fro sunken ships and debris. They are ambush predators, which means they remain mostly concealed until they are ready to engulf their prey. Drifting for groupers can be effective, but your best bet is to find an area with very rocky bottom, or anchor just off a ledge, then work the area meticulously.

Groupers rarely pass up pinfish, blue runners, goggle eyes, pilchards, and cigar minnows — but the trick is to make sure you can present the bait without getting fouled in the bottom structure. Rockpiles and coral ledges are ideal habitat and grounds of that nature are widely available in the Miami area. Most of the reef structure south of Fowey Rocks is excellent terrain to target fish.

I was intrigued by the giant fish half poking out of the hole, stiff as a board, and pulled him out of the wreckage for a closer inspection. It was yet another real world reminder that you have to gear up properly for grouper fishing in Miami, FL. There are several rigs which work well for groupers — most commonly a finder, knocker, or tri-swivel based bottom rig will do the job. Groupers instinctively make a dive for cover upon being hooked, which means you need to use gear that can effectively prevent the fish from running away while not breaking the line.

You need massive stopping power when it comes to catching big groupers — a drag which can prevent a fish from running into cover can save the day. As far as a rod is concerned, you need a blank which is stout and durable — designed specifically for 30 to 50lb class fishing if not heavier. Why pole when you can troll?

Goliath grouper are anything but gentle giants for Florida fishermen (w/video)

Right now if you are planning a trip off-shore you will be in for a reel treat the Red Grouper bite has really been great and they are in-season. I would plan at least a half day trip off-shore to catch this tasty treat, you could book a private charter with many of our local charter fisherman or catch a ride on one of our party boats in the Clearwater Marina.

When fishing for Red Grouper you will be bottom-fishing which means you have a pretty good chance to run into some Hogfish, Triggerfish and Grey Snapper.

Picking the right hook for the fish you’re targeting is a critical decision. Dive in to the politics of the great circle hook debate in our latest article.

After five weekends of bad fishing and horrible weather the Gulfstar and passengers finally got a break! We fished deep, we fished shallow, we fished north, we fished south — the only thing we could find was wind, rough seas and a few lost fish. This past weekend we broke that trend! We had the most fantastic weather and fishing that we have seen in months.

We left Thursday afternoon bound for the warsaw grounds on a special Ultra Limited load 6 passengers deep water trip. We were determined to catch our limit of 2 warsaw grouper but we wanted them to be giant! In the past we have had passengers hook up very large warsaw but fail to land them because they are unbelievably strong and tactful at breaking you off.

Because it was an Ultra Limited load, with 6 passengers and we were allowed only two warsaw. We decided to make teams and tie three lines to one swivel and hook to increase our chances of landing a monster. At the very least, it was going to be a good laugh! Friday morning we made a few stops that were at best a slow pick. It did not take long for the warsaws to attack our bait. Within 10 seconds of reaching the bottom, all three rods bowed over with rod tips in the water!

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See what has been biting and what you can expect to catch in our photo gallery! Sportfishing in Florida is something everyone should experience. And deep sea fishing off the Hillsborough Inlet is one of the best locations in Florida for big game fishing. He has fished professionally around the world and has been charter fishing and tournament fishing in the Bahamas and locally since Cheshier is married and has a dog named Bru.

We catch them near the same area as Tarpon but I have a technique to catching grouper with just hook – no weight” – and line. I bait them to the surface and the rest is up to you. I’ll have to say your haven’t seen a real hungry Grouper if you thing that they are only on the bottom.

The area is well rested and new fish have come onto the reefs and the drop-offs. The skippers are also all raring to go and get some fish, in particular, Geets, landed for our clients. The guys had carefully done their research and had come well kitted-out with a great selection of tackle and we could not wait to get started. Heading out on the first day of the new season we managed to get them off to a good start with a lot of topwater and jigging action. Smaller Geets regularly crashed the lures and we landed fish up to the kilo mark on day one and the guys got a sense of what the action was going to be like.

The jigging also turned out to be hot, with plenty of species and a few runaways that set the tone for rest of the trip nicely. Heading out to a different area we got into a great topwater bite and had plenty of action with lots of the smaller GTs around and a few big ones coming in as well. For the day we had the two biggest fish come in at 26kg and 20 kg while there were a few bigger ones that dropped after the hook-up, which was disappointing. We had a few treble hooks open up, as well as deformation on the CB-One split rings which had to be changed.

The guys wanted to land a dogtooth tuna which we also managed for them.

Appalachian Grill

Why would anyone fish for grouper or snapper on a flyrod? How does using a fly rod catch more fish? First, let me tell you how I discovered this technique, and yes, it is all about the technique of using the fly rod that bring in the fish. I use those methods to find the best fishing spots, cover more ground, and catch more and bigger fish. I will often run 50 miles or more out of Key West, which takes less than an hour in the Golden StreakER, to reach my favorite set of grouper holes, which I refer to as grouper heaven.

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State and federal regulations require all commercial fishers and recreational anglers fishing for any reef fish species to have and use certain gear. Reef fish species include groupers, snappers, amberjacks, triggerfish, porgies, sea bass, hogfish and tilefish. This change went into effect Jan. Circle hooks are made so that the point is turned perpendicular to the shank to form a circular or oval shape.

This reduces internal harm to the fish by decreasing de-hooking time for the angler, and decreases the chances of a hook getting lost in the fish. Non-offset means the end of the hook is in line with the shank of the hook — rather than being angled sideways away from the shank. De-hooking tools are designed to remove a hook from a fish without the hook being re-engaged into a fish.

De-hooking tools come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit the need of the angler, and even a pair of needle nose pliers is considered a de-hooking tool.

MiamiFishN- Double Grouper Hookup