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Share ‘The matter will now be taken up on Monday by the prosecutor’s office. But millions of German women were raped by Red Army soldiers between and during the dying days of Nazis Germany. Polish women and even Russian women released from captivity were also raped with numbers reaching , Artist Jerzy Szumczyk said he felt compelled to make the statue after he researched the rape of women by the Red Army between and Gdansk’s old town where women were raped as the Red Army made its way towards Berlin The Nazis invasion of Russia, Operation Barbarossa, resulted in 30 million inhabitants of the Soviet Union losing their lives while more than three million starved in German prisoner of war camps. Rape and murder were common elements of the Nazi advance through Russia However, the Germans also suffered a similar fate when Russian troops retook their land and swarmed into Germany. During the Battle of Berlin more than a million German soldiers were killed, or later died in captivity. The rape began as soon as the Red Army entered East Prussia in In many towns, every female between 10 and 89 was attacked. Soviet soldiers often carried out the assaults in front of their husbands and family as an added humiliation. Many had to have abortions or be treated for the syphilis they caught from being raped by different men.

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I don’t mean a little boring, I mean pretty damn boring. The subject matter is highly emotive and normally such a topic would set the stage for an exciting, dramatic, even divisive experience which would be the subject of much controversy and some considerable exposure. Well, unfortunately it really ticks none of the boxes needed for good flick and instead ends up as a boring account of a rather odd occurrence some 15 years after then initial incident. I don’t know who or what this was aimed at, where this was going, or what sort of experience it was supposed to convey, but sadly unless its intention was to put me to sleep, any other goal was well wide of the mark.

For such an intense subject, really just following through with half decent execution should net an average score, but here the proceedings are a bit of a mess. Much of the body of this film is filler and realistically an hour and a half is way too long given most of it is useless padding that adds no depth, dimension or understanding.

Simply Gdansk is designed to familiarize you with some of the sights you should see on your first trip to the city, with a touch of the Extraordinary Experience that only Exeter International delivers – a perfect introduction to Gdansk at an uncommon value.

Norwegian big dating sites Some Norwegian real dating sites Meet Norwegians on the Internet, they are very good people. Naive and easy to trick. Like other developed countries, many Norwegians are still single. Can it be the equality going too far? Or are they just too picky? I personally think they are to shy and introvert.

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The Duke and Duchess will travel with their young son and daughter during their five-day trip, which begins on July 17 in Poland’s capital Warsaw and ends in the German city of Hamburg on July A Kensington Palace spokesman said: Prince George and Princess Charlotte await Trooping the Colour “They have decided that their children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, will travel with them and we expect the children to be seen on at least a couple of occasions over the course of the week.

And in their toddler prince flew with them to New Zealand and Australia for their extensive trip. This time, the children are likely to be seen only during arrivals and departures at the two countries.

Here, in a bar dating back to the 60s, you will enjoy the atmosphere and spirits they have. The guide will tell you about the fascinating, yet harsh communist times in Gdansk and in Poland. Vodka is an inherent part of Polish culture – it’s hard to imagine any celebration without it.5/5(2).

Enlarge German soldiers dig up a mass grave in Katyn forest in containing the bodies of Polish officers killed by the Soviet NKVD, or secret service, in April And yesterday, despite terming the invasion ‘immoral’, Mr Putin argued Moscow had no choice, blaming Western leaders for failing to oppose Hitler’s appetite for territorial expansion. Poland, however, argues it was the Ribbentrop-Molotov deal that sparked the war, which engulfed the globe and took more than 40 million lives, including six million Polish citizens.

The deal was a non-aggression pact between Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union – but it also included a secret clause dividing up Poland and Lithuania. Mr Putin also used yesterday’s article to call for Russian inclusion in efforts to build a European security system. He also struck a conciliatory note on the persistently thorny issue of the massacre by Soviet secret police of Polish military officers and intellectuals in Russia’s Katyn forest and other locations.

He claimed the grief caused by the murder of more than 20, Polish prisoners of war by the Soviet KGB struck a cord with the average Soviet citizen who also suffered under totalitarianism. Historic scenes after the liberation of Czechoslovakia, one of the last occupied countries to be freed after six years under Nazi rule ‘To the people of Russia, whose fate has been deformed by a totalitarian regime, the sensitivity of Poles over Katyn, where thousands of Polish soldiers lie, is well understood,’ Putin wrote.

He called for ‘joint grief and forgiveness’ in the hope that ‘Russian-Polish relations will sooner or later reach such a high level of true partnership’ as Russian-German ties. He also termed the massacre a ‘crime’ – but again stopped short of a full apology. Jews perished because they were Jews.

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Visitors to Poland are discovering what the locals have long known, that Poland is a country rich in fine culture, scenic landscapes and extraordinary historical sites. The Gothic castle is home to the only preserved piece of the Polish Crown Jewels, the legendary sword Szczerbiec coronation sword. Decorated with symbols and floral patterns, the blade is notched to hold a small shield, giving the sword its nickname, the Jagged Sword.

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We’ll send you updates with the latest deals, reviews and articles for Gdansk each week. August 26, A city dating back over a thousand years in historical records, Gdansk is a August 26, The official site for Gdansk is most excellent, as it contains a four-item September 27, Gdansk has seasonal weather with both cold winters and warm summers, the February 16, There is a good deal of online reading to be found on Gdansk, particularly from September 2, Transportation Transport in Gdansk, private or public, is a cinch.

There are many different January 16, Things to Do A common memento American visitors bring home from Gdansk would be anything June 16, Gdansk offers nice spots for cycling and running. One of the most popular it is August 25, Gdansk is one of the most lively and exciting cities on the entire Baltic Coast March 18, Gdansk summer nights begin at ten in the evening, and sunrise occurs very early July 3, If you find yourself looking for some thing to do on a rainy day, Baltyca May 2, The Dominican Romanesque cellars of the 13th century.

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Accordingly, neither this site nor the contents contained herein are covered by the record-keeping provisions of 18 USC a – c. This website contains adult material. You must be over 18 to enter or 21 were applicable by law. All Members are over 18 years of age. Privacy Policy Terms of Use Believe me I personally can completely understand that the idea of the swinging lifestyle often seems like a real rousing fantasy, nevertheless, singles and couples must become in touch with the realities.

Outside the church, right in front of the main gate, there is a small door (mind your head, low beam) leading to the Museum of Gdansk Science, formerly the Museum of Tower Clocks (which exhibits 17 clocks, the oldest dating back to the 14th century). After climbing steps, you get to .

Your Gdansk Freedom Weekend There is nothing more valuable than freedom. People of Gdansk have always known that. Even in times when the fate of the city was uncertain – it charmed with openness. In the port city, cultures and languages intertwined, and sailors and merchants from faraway countries walked its beautiful streets. A A The first step to overturning communism was taken right here in August Badly damaged during the Second World War, it was restored in the s.

It was a parish church of the nearby Gdansk Shipyard. In August , the parish priest, Henryk Jankowski, strongly supported the striking workers, and after the martial law was enacted in Poland on 13 December , he took care of the families of the imprisoned.


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The University of Technology was the first institution of higher education in Gdansk, dating back to when the town was a part of Germany, and later on it was continued as an educational centre with instruction in German during the time Gdansk was a free city in the years

Books Here are a number of books which provide and excellent overview of the Korean arts in history: Korea’s Pottery Heritage Vol. Seoul International Publishing House, A complete text devoted primarily to the celadon pottery of the Koryo period with many great pictures. The definitive text on the history and character of Koryo Korean celadon. The Korea Foundation, This is an excellent book with lots of large color pictures depicting Korean fine arts including painting, handicrafts, architecture, and of course, celadon.

Korean Arts of the Eighteenth Century:

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History[ edit ] According to tradition, as early as a wooden Church of the Assumption existed at this site, built by Prince Swantopolk II. Parts of the pillars and lower levels of the turret have been preserved from this building. In the Danzig architect Heinrich Ungeradin and his team began construction of the present church. Their building shows some differences from St.

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It’s a Rail Transit World! Produced by the Light Rail Now! Our original overview of worldwide rail transit development has been improved with additional input from readers, particularly with respect to the discussions of regional passenger rail in the USA and light rail transit in Switzerland. What a difference a half-century makes. Fifty years ago, the last years of the disastrous Transit Holocaust era were unfolding — especially in North America, with wholesale abandonments of electric rail transit and trolleybus systems in city after city.

As the power wires were torn down and the rails ripped up, passengers left public transit in droves, eschewing the motor buses that were substituted and opting for private vehicles, encouraged to do so in accordance with officially promulgated policies at every level of government. While the severity of the Transit Holocaust varied from nation to nation, similar policies and devastation were experienced on a worldwide scale. Fast-forward to the 21st century, and the turnaround is breathtaking.

Nearly every large, major world metropolis is either operating or installing some form of rail transit, and more and more medium-sized and smaller cities are doing so as well — and much of this development involves electric light rail transit LRT , undoubtedly because of advantages such as its significantly lower cost and greater versatility. But then, you could probably say the same thing about other enduring technological innovations — say, for example, the automobile, telephone, wireless communication radio , and electric power production.

While the effort to “re-invent the steel wheel” seems an endless pursuit by a small army of hopeful Gadgetbahn proprietors, so far, no technology has emerged to beat the simplicity and efficiency of steel flanged wheels supported and guided by steel rails, which can be easily routed over viaducts, on urban streets, and through subway tunnels. There’s undoubtedly an array of reasons for this intensified interest in rail public transport — here’s a few, for example:

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