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Balloon level 7 In Town Hall 11, air armies have dwindled in popularity. These new levels should help revitalize high-level air armies while helping to defend against the ground rush. They might even catch an extra Valkyrie! Other Edit Mode tools: Tap Builder Info to see and select suggested upgrades to perform Live spectator count is now shown during attack – see how many others are watching! Chat stream revamped with built-in Request button Version 8.

GOWIWI war attack strategy for th8 th9 th10

In a game of strategy, information is power, so arm yourself with these clan wars secrets and get a leg up on those other Chiefs. Related Video Prefer to watch rather than read? Picking who you want to participate Clans range in size, and Clan Wars is designed to accommodate that. What is much less obvious, is who participates and how they are listed.

Participation Update While this section was true when the article was first written, Supercell has updated the way clan wars participants are chosen since we wrote it.

The matchmaking algorithm is still currently in development and is slated for a near-future release soon! But we wanted to make sure we communicated this to you all and let you know that ensuring an enjoyable Clan War is just as important to us as it is to you.

So what exactly they are? I am gonna tell you all about them in this Clash of Clans Guide! Basically, the way Town Hall 9. What are Town Hall 8. Basically, Town Hall 8. You should work on your troops before working on your defenses. Advice for Town Hall 8. You also should not upgrade your Dark Barrack because it will unlock new troops, which can increase the weight of your base.

Especially as a decent TH10, no matter how the rest of your village is, with maxed Inferno Towers , you can easily win the battle against TH9 players. These two defensive buildings have the highest scores at match making. As a Town Hall x. Also, at this time, the most popular attacks at Town Hall 9 and 10 are evolving around Golems , Hog Rider and Valkyrie so you will want to focus on upgrading them too.

Clash of clans clan wars: Another unfair clan war

Matchmaking will prioritize defensive capabilities in pairing Clans. Powerful, late-game defences and troops like Inferno Towers, Eagle Artillery and Grand Warden will have much greater matchmaking impact. Unlike the Multiplayer mode, trophies do not factor in when clans are matched.

News and leaks about the awaited Clash of Clans March grand update has not died down and Supercell said that it is cooking up a big surprise to players of COC .

So it makes since many people want to know what are the best TH8 war bases and TH8 farming defense bases that will protect your resources and win clan wars. Now that we are no longer able to leave the Town Hall outside, that means your defenses will definitely need to be improved. This will be a slightly longer article on how to get your TH8 base up to par with your other fellow clashers but I will make sure to highlight all the aspects you need to know, both for farming and for clan wars.

There will also be additional content like TH8 war base designs and farming designs. The setup for your Town Hall 8 war base that you especially need are two things. One set of double giant bombs, which are used to destroy hog attacks. These are the two most effective and used attacks that TH8s use. To help with dragon attacks, you would also want to put archer towers behind the air sweeper and have the air sweeper point at two air defenses.

This way they either have kill those air defenses and get killed by the archer towers, or kill the archer towers and take a long time to kill the other two air defenses. Place a set of double giant bombs inside of your base. Place air defenses inside and behind resources.

Clash Of Clans Clan Wars Matchmaking

Upgrade Priority for Clan Wars Small note: This guide is based on the Clan War matchmaking system in game and for optimizing your base weight, help you always can 3 stars the enemy base which has the same position as you your mirror in Clan Wars. I think we all know why we should upgrade these 3 buildings at first. Upgrading our current troops to their new max levels should always be the highest priority.

By upgrading 2 Spell Factories, you can bring more and new spells into the attacks, especially very essential for Clan Wars, where just one more Spell can change everything.

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Extremely easy-to-use, just enter the level and quantity of each item on your Base and it will automatically calculate everything for you! Microsoft Office Excel is required to open this file. Otherwise, you can upload this file to Google Drive and start using it from there. Please read the information below before downloading and watch the tutorial video shown here as there are a few things you should be aware of before you try to operate or download the War Weight Calculator.

Chief Tabs There are two main sections of this calculator. Simply enter your information and your Weight is automatically calculated for you! As you enter in information, edits will display to ensure your buildings and Troops are valid for your Town Hall level. In fact, the available cells in which to enter information will vary based on Town Hall level.

Additionally, once you have entered the max level for an item, it will be highlighted green.

Clash of Clans Calculator for troop, building and all others

However, now that they have another game called “Clash Royale,” it might seem that the updates for “Clash of Clan” may slow down. In the past months, players of “Clash of Clans” has been asking for updates with Town Hall However, Supercell has yet to give in to their requests, instead supercell has been updating numerous aspects of “Clash of Clan. To make the matchmaking time shorter in “Clash of Clans,” large size matches including 35 v. Although this might give players a limit, in the plus side, it will make getting into wars quicker.

Together with this update, “Clash of Clans” creator has also made offensive troops including Inferno Towers, Eagle Artillery and the Grand Warden more significant.

How Clan War Matchmaking Works Basically, you and your clan members get points for everything you have – you get defensive points depending on the Levels of each of your Defenses, you get attacking points for your Troop Levels and Spell Levels, your Heroes levels, and what you, theoretically, could create to attack someone.

Edwin Joseph Maria — August 22, Top notch service! Jaime and Jack are very friendly and an amazing team to work with. Having little time to clash due to my work I noticed how the game was getting real hard for me especially in wars and these guys with astonishing expertise and a lot of patience helped me get back on track. Will definitley continue to use their excellent service, thank you guys! Jaime could not have been more helpful and responsive.

He definitely knows his stuff and was a pleasure to work with. I’m sure I will be taking advantage of his expertise again and highly recommend him to all! I use 4 because 3 of them will take down max level walls and it gives me an extra in case they have traps or one dies. I really like including the 2 witches in my GoWiPe attacks because the skeletons will trigger some traps and soak up hits that were intended for your wizards.

It makes it easy for me to drop them as soon as the wall breakers take down the first layer of walls. For this strategy the Earthquake is necessary in your Castle. This makes it a little more difficult to get them all placed in the same area as you have to click 2 different spells but allows you to take an extra elixir spell. Earthquake has been my favorite addition to the game and is killer if you learn how to use it correctly.

Continued balancing changes to Clan Wars matchmaking

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Matchmaking war coc Allclash – clash of clans algorithm in tropies and defensive. 5 concept games the highly anticipated clan wars feature went live in a recent interview! Supercell tells the matchmaking favours defence, and they don’t care about the clan war matchmaking favours defence, supercell has .

I think we all expect a little variation. In the Forge beginning in about December and continuing through January we were just getting hammered in our matchups. So I started digging through forum posts and youtube videos etc for clues about matchmaking. Here is what I came up with: How does matchmaking actually work? Its not about trophy level, TH level directly anyway , past war success etc…its strictly math.

I believe Supercell gives each defense a value. Anecdotally hardcore war clans figured out the rating system by attempting to set up internal scrimmages. They tried putting Base ranked No 1 in scrim-clan A and No.

Clash Of Clans Free Accounts

Edit Clans is a Champions game on Mineplex that was released on November 25th, It is a faction based game mode in which players can claim land and kill other players. There are two types of servers, Hardcore and Casual. Season 4 is now out!

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How to weigh your base in Clan Wars

Edwin Joseph Maria — August 22, Top notch service! Jaime and Jack are very friendly and an amazing team to work with. Having little time to clash due to my work I noticed how the game was getting real hard for me especially in wars and these guys with astonishing expertise and a lot of patience helped me get back on track. Will definitley continue to use their excellent service, thank you guys!

Jaime could not have been more helpful and responsive. He definitely knows his stuff and was a pleasure to work with.

That plus the strength of your clanmates’ bases combine to make your clan’s war weight. This figure is used to match your clan versus other clans. Use the below form to calculate your war weight for use within your own clan.* *The numbers used to create this calculator may not be % accurate and I am always striving for the greatest accuracy.

Going forward, each update will now be accompanied by an in-depth explanation of the gameplay changes. Supercell is planning to be a lot more active in terms of balancing troops, defenses and gameplay in Supercell especially look forward to improving the dev team’s communication to players with this effort!

Here are some of the upcoming changes in more detail: With the latest Witch level in armies and donations, however, a speed increase is needed to help bring the defense back in-balance with even larger hordes of Skeletons. Note that players in Champion league and above will not be affected. However their hitpoints were just a sliver too high, preventing Archer Towers from destroying them with a single arrow in some cases.

NEW UPDATE: Engineered Bases Are FINALLY DEAD!