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With the new BlackBerry Q10, the kings of keyboard phones have calmly strolled back in and reclaimed their crown. My typing was cured instantly. You can pretty much fly free from your desktop and become one of those office nomads who just hovers around with a notepad looking purposeful. Not just email but LinkedIn, Facebook updates, texts and tweets are instantly accessible Meanwhile, the new, iPhone-esque BB10 operating system whose unveiling saw Alicia Keys trotted out to reassure people that, hey, BlackBerry is down with the kids, daddio actually shines here. Click to purchase The good: The fastest pocket-sized typing machine The bad: Fewer apps than the iPhone or Android The verdict: You play a man armed with axe, pickaxe and sword, harvesting wood, tinkering away until you have laser swords, and battling surreal alien beasts.


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Download PalmChat Messenger for Q10, Z10 and Other Blackberry 10 Phones Palmchat is a free social software integrating chatting and dating, which supports .

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Meryl D’souza Jun 21, In a way, the BlackBerry Q10 is like watching the remake of a classic movie — you get a strong sense of nostalgia right along with the anticipation of a twist in the tale. BlackBerry purists will easily relate to the familiar form factor — a square screen with that comforting set of keys, evoking a feeling of pure joy amongst touchscreen haters. BlackBerry is clearly in its element here, because the Q10 is a thoroughbred — right from its bomb-proof build to the familiar form.

You either love it, or leave it. Web browsing and scrolling long lists is also a problem.

Press Release: BlackBerry launches BlackBerry Experience Pods in the Philippines. 10 Battery Saving tips for you BlackBerry 10 phone. BlackBerry ramps up production of the Z10 and Q *UPDATE*.

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I actually really love my z10 but I find myself reaching for my iPhone more because even with being able to put the android apps on the z10 I can’t find most of my favorite Gay dating apps.

It will be joined later by the Q10, a device with a traditional Qwerty keyboard. The new phones and operating system aren’t the only big news: RIM is also changing its name entirely to BlackBerry. On the inside it has a 1. Unlike most modern smartphones, it has a removable back cover allowing users to swap the battery and supplement the built-in storage with a microSD card. BlackBerry is pitching the new devices as suitable for work and play, and that’s reinforced by the connectors on the Z10, which include not only a micro-USB port but a mini-HDMI output too.

BlackBerry has yet to announce a launch date or pricing for the Q Below you’ll find a transcript of our live blog of the BlackBerry 10 launch, with more details on the handsets and operating system. And after the most awkward goodbye kiss from Heins to Alicia Keys, it’s finally all over. Very little detail on the new handsets, but we’re expecting more on those at a press event tomorrow. Alicia Keys is taking autocue reading to a whole new level.

BlackBerry’s doing an Intel – it’s appointed a celebrity creative director:

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So, you will see clear and crisp texts or images with good contrast and brightness. The homescreens, app lists, widgets and inbox are presented in one interface, meaning that navigation is rendered easy. And, there is no back button to exit from an app. It requires a touch screen gesture, i. Now, this is something you will have to get used to, as it is a total deviation from other smartphones.

The BlackBerry Q10 is the second of two new BlackBerry smartphones unveiled at the BlackBerry 10 event on January 30, The device has the company’s distinctive QWERTY keyboard similar to that found on the BlackBerry Bold series and a inch square Super-AMOLED capacitive multi-touch display [2] and this is the first device based on new.

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The Return of the King? A trackball or trackpad might feel antiquated in the age of hyper-sensitive capacitive touchscreens, but these two little hardware quirks allowed BlackBerry to rule the business world back in the pre-iPhone-and-Android days before finger tracking on glass actually worked. While navigating a touch screen requires moving your thumb or finger relatively large distances, a trackpad requires barely a touch to get from one side of the screen to another.

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Translate Redesigned, re-engineered and re-invented. Heins also announced RIM will now operate under the name BlackBerry in honor of the new products which the company firmly believes will bring prosperity back to the Canadian firm. It is one promise. The Z10 is an obvious bid by BlackBerry to appeal to new consumers — those who are used to iPhones or Android-operated Smartphones. It also boasts a smart camera and a large app library that includes services such as Skype and the ever-popular Angry Birds game.

The Z10 is available in black or white. It is to launch in the U. Heins ended the glitzy presentation with an announcement sure to lend BlackBerry the cool factor it has been lacking since its inception. But then you called … you told me you had added a lot more features, a new platform, you had got a lot faster. All of that was true. And now we are exclusively dating again and I am very happy.

It is thought the dip is due to investor disappointment over the late release date of the new BlackBerry handsets. It was expected both would be launched in the U.

BlackBerry Q10 Device Support Added for Android Apps

Blackberry dating app free 27 Nov Match: By Thomas Most popular apps for free voice and text messaging. Download Badoo for Blackberry – free – latest version So I have a blackberry and I like to check pof like many of you. Does anyone know if there is a blackberry app for this site. A social networking and dating site.

New camera app, media player, maps and nice, plus a few other things seem to take fewer steps to do now. One bug – the blackberry App world icon is missing, although the list of apps show it’s.

APK file on your BlackBerry 10 phones. BlackBerry device no longer supports updates on WhatsApp and with the newest development, Blackberry 10 devices owners complained about the inability to send messages on WhatsApp. Generally, your mobile service provider is responsible for releasing device updates for your BlackBerry 10 phone. Unfortunately, some users of Blackberry phones got a message when they opened their WhatsApp earlier this morning. On the other side, BlackBerry device was uniquely designed.

In one of my previous mobile tips, I showed Blackberry 10 users how they can install Google play store directly on their device. With a simple click of a button, you can do amazing things with your BlackBerry 10 device. Step 3 Run and install it on your device. Once the manual settings are completed, your WhatsApp will run normally without displaying a message of not being supported.

The BB OS 10 is different and should be treated as such. Here are the steps:

The top 10 social apps for BlackBerry 10

BlackBerry App World now boasts over , apps and many of them are free to download. Battery Booster Every smartphone user looks for ways to extend or optimize battery life. With the Battery Booster app, your BlackBerry will gain peak performance.

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BlackBerry launches its second most expensive phone in India

RIM has seen its once-dominant position in the market shrivel away, especially in the U. It has tried a couple of times to drop its famous physical keyboards for touchscreens, but those projects failed, partly because the old BlackBerry operating system was primarily designed to handle corporate email and was a poor platform for app developers. It is a clean break. Its user interface is so different that it will seem foreign to longtime BlackBerry users.

The Q10 is the keyboard-toting sibling of the BlackBerry Z10, and runs the new BB10 OS, version to be specific. BlackBerry purists will easily relate to the familiar form factor – a square.

The front of the smartphone seems clean and almost modern, but the back feels tacky with a half-rubberized, half-sticky texture. BlackBerry says the back parts of the phone are made out of weaved glass, giving it a carbon fiber look and comparable durability. But more importantly, every single bit of dust, dirt, hair or any other particle that touches it gets stuck on the surface.

More Switching gears to the material of the phone itself, the mid-plate or frame of the Q10 is a high quality PVD-coated metal and it looks great, for the most part. The one thing I would add, however nitpicky it may seem, is that the frame of the phone I am using looks a little worn down. The Q10 uses a different battery than the Z10 this is BlackBerry, after all people , but under the hood you will find an NFC antenna and a microSD card slot for extra memory.

Touching on the battery real quick, it performed great.

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