I used the Barrett affinity glitch and still got the trophy : FinalFantasy

When Tifa asks you about war: A full list of the trophies that you can obtain can be found in the Trophies Section. Climb the stairs towards the bottom-left side of the screen and speak to the wobbly soldier on the highest platform – Red XIII in disguise. Lastly you should talk to the soldier at the bottom of the stairs who mentions that the ship is close to Costa del Sol. Go back downstairs once you have spoken to everyone and speak to Aeris again. Aeris will ask if you have seen Barret.

Final Fantasy VII Gold Saucer Date Guide for PlayStation by TFergusson

Initially, the game was to have only three playable characters, with Barret one of those three, [3] along with the protagonist Cloud Strife and the heroine Aerith Gainsborough. His attire consists of a jacket with torn sleeves, dark green pants, boots, a fingerless glove on his left hand, and metal bands surrounding his abdomen and left wrist. T, they decided to take it in a different direction for the film, implementing co-director Takeshi Nozue’s suggestion to give him cornrows for his hair, while Nomura designed his face.

Artist Yusuke Naora influenced the design as well, developing his attire, which originally consisted of white overalls , before instead having him wear him a down vest.

Final Fantasy I Final Fantasy IV Final Fantasy V Final Fantasy VI Final Fantasy VII Final Fantasy IX Final Barret has the lowest. This means that if you don’t work to change your affinity levels, you will probably end up dating Aeris, or possibly Tifa. To ensure that you will have the date you want, this guide is divided into four chapters.

Buy a flower from Aeris when you see her in Sector 8. Talk to Jessie twice on the train home from Sector 8, and tell her you’re “Looking forward to it”. Give the flower to Marlene when you get the option. Don’t talk to Tifa while she’s behind the bar. If you do, decline her offer for a drink. Sorry” when she asks you if you’ve forgotten your promise.

Best Bromance Trophy

Everybody makes it out of the exploding reactor relatively unscathed, except for Pooping will now be a trial! Episode 2 Barret doesn’t think Cloud will be okay, on account that he pisses people off easily. Immediately after, Wedge wonders how pissed Cloud would be if he makes it. Right on cue, Cloud jumps through the window of the train they’re in and informs them that he made it.

Jul 07,  · Having beaten FF7 a couple of times, I’m trying to see how different options play out, but I am unable to get Barrett to ask Cloud for a date – It’s always Aeris, even though I’ve tried various.

Each drabble is a self-contained mini-fic. They all share the same theme, but they’re not necessarily directly connected. T – English – Drama – Chapters: T – English – Chapters: Good pay, decent accommodation, and of course being witness to the chaos that occurs. The only problem was having to clean up the mess later, but that’s what being a janitor is about.

Keith didn’t take this job to just spy on people although he could get millions off what he saw everyday. Series spun off 26 Sentences Of Zack. AUs that range from plausible to completely implausible. However before the meeting can conclude, the old Fort Condor mako reactor goes up in flames. T – English – Adventure – Chapters: T – English – Humor – Chapters: Will they all be able to put aside their differences in time to saves the plant? People are growing desperate.

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Dec 09,  · For Final Fantasy VII on the PlayStation, Gold Saucer Date Guide by TFergusson%(20).

I’m planning on a Missable achievement page as well so those who wish to play the game openly and in their own way can but they have a reference for what can be missed. Luckily, most of the trophies can easily be gotten just before you venture into the final dungeon so aside from a few arkward trophies like the Barrett date most of the list can be picked up later on in the game and in fact, are better suited there as well. I do like the idea of trophy timing indicators though. Might pinch that idea!

I have heard mixed reports, with many suggesting that the only way to guarantee it in current state before patches is to perform the necessary romance options spread out through the early game, not shunning barret then exploiting the glitch which lets you raise his affection in one place. In other words, it limits player choice, and is potentially very missable. Well it’s not quite the same thing I was talking about before, but you’ve reminded me.

It would be interesting to know how long it takes to get this on a new purpose-built speedrun-like save. I have heard 3 hours It is purely based on choices made in dialogue with some only appearing depending on party structure.

If you missed the missing score weapon for barret, is ther..

What you need to know What makes this the most highly anticipated video game remake of all time? I remember watching it at my desk, becoming increasingly enraptured as it became evident the trailer was for a Final Fantasy VII Remake. It was a big day. But as you’ll see in this video , it wasn’t just me.

Final Fantasy VII Dating Barret Guide – posted in Final Fantasy VII: This is a mini-guide to help you date Barret. There is a glitch at the end that helps you get as many points as you want. You do not have to get all of these but you do have to get a majority of them.

Series overview[ edit ] The series is set in the fictional town of Mystic Falls, Virginia , a town charged with supernatural history since its settlement of migrants from New England in the late 19th century. It follows the life of Elena Gilbert Nina Dobrev , a teenage girl who has just lost both parents in a car accident, as she falls in love with a year-old vampire named Stefan Salvatore Paul Wesley.

Their relationship becomes increasingly complicated as Stefan’s mysterious older brother Damon Salvatore Ian Somerhalder returns, with a plan to bring back their past lover Katherine Pierce, a vampire who looks exactly like Elena. Although Damon is initially the villain and harbors a grudge against his brother for forcing him to become a vampire, he later reconciles with Stefan and falls in love with Elena, creating a love triangle among the three.

Both brothers protect Elena as they face various villains and threats to their town, including Katherine. The brothers’ history and the town’s mythology are revealed through flashbacks as the series goes on. Additional storylines revolve around the other inhabitants of the town, most notably Elena’s younger brother Jeremy Gilbert Steven R.

The town’s politics are orchestrated by descendants of the original founding families, all comprising a “Founders’ Council. They guard the town mainly from vampires , although there are many more supernatural threats such as werewolves, witches, hybrids, ghosts and many more. Cast and characters[ edit ] Ian Somerhalder , Nina Dobrev and Paul Wesley at PaleyFest Nina Dobrev as Elena Gilbert seasons 1—6; uncredited voiceover season 7; guest season 8 , [9] whom the series follows as she falls in love with Stefan, and later leaves him after leading everyone to believe he was her true love, for his brother, Damon Salvatore, creating a love triangle.

This results in her being drawn into the supernatural world, with the show following her struggles in surviving supernatural events in the town. Katherine sporadically appeared in subsequent seasons and played a significant role in the fifth season. Damon put Elena in a coffin and had Tyler hide her in a warehouse in Brooklyn for the next 60 years or so while he waits to reunite with her.

In the series finale Elena is awoken and she ends up choosing Damon in the series finale and they live a long and happy life together.

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For Final Fantasy VII on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled “dating Barrett”.

Tifa was born in Nibelheim , the same town where Cloud was born. She was out-going, lively, and quickly gained quite a lot of friends. Although she and Cloud lived right next to each other, and were only a year apart, they were never that close. She and the others didn’t really know Cloud through most of, or all of their childhood. Tifa’s mother died when Tifa was eight years old in , leaving her upset and very confused.

Tifa believed her mother had gone to Mt. Nibel , and that she could meet her again if only she crossed the mountain. Tifa headed off to Mt. Nibel, and Cloud followed to keep her safe, but Tifa fell from the rickety bridge in the mountains. Tifa’s father arrived at the scene, and finding her hurt, blamed Cloud for leading her to Mt. He called Tifa out to the water tower, a local date spot, to tell her of his plans, and Tifa made Cloud promise to protect her if she was ever in trouble.

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