April 2, — I want to discuss some things of equal importance and that is senior-subordinate relationships. Bottom line is that nine times out of 10, sexual harassment and other leadership issues resulting in Uniform Code of Military Justice action stem from senior- subordinate relationships. So what is this animal and how do we define it’ Well for one, do not confuse this with fraternization under Article of UCMJ. The offense of fraternization occurs between officers and enlisted personnel and is defined as follows: That the accused was a commissioned or warrant officer; 2. That the accused fraternized on terms of military equality with one or more certain enlisted member s in a certain manner; 3. That the accused then knew the person s to be an enlisted member s ; 4. That such fraternization violated the custom of the accused’s service that officers shall not fraternize with enlisted members on terms of military equality; 5.


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the ACA-compliant insurance market, driving up costs for those who rely on them, including people with pre-dating the passage of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Intended primarily for healthy individuals, STLD policies are meaning those with certain health conditions, such as HIV, can be turned down.

There are a number of ethical and legal issues that must be considered by supervisors and their supervisees. The topics of direct and vicarious liability, duty to warn, confidentiality, dual relationships, and informed consent will be discussed. See the following links for the ethical standards related to supervision and training. Direct liability would be charged when the actions of a supervisor were themselves the cause of harm to a supervisee or a client for instance, if a supervisor suggested and documented an intervention that was determined to be the cause of harm.

The supervisor does not have to actually carry out the intervention, but if the supervisee follows the suggestion of a supervisor and this results in harm — this is direct liability. Vicarious liability is being held liable for the actions of the supervisee when these were not suggested, or even known, by the supervisor.

What to Expect at an Adult Children of Alcoholics Meeting

You can learn more about her work and listen to the show at www. You can also follow QSE on Facebook at www. If this article has enriched your life, and you would like to support the continuing work of QSE to educate and create queer, intersectional spaces for conversations about sex and sexuality, please consider joining our Patreon community at www. Many well-meaning allies, friends, and family members of transgender people will say things like: Before we talk about how that sentiment alone is transphobic, I want to be direct about the fear that trans people, especially trans women, face in the world of dating cisgender people.

Dating as a trans woman online or in person often means an exhausting stream of inappropriate, fetishizing, dehumanizing, and sometimes violent messages asking about my genitals, people expecting praise for fetishizing me, and others assuming my identity is either not authentic or repulsive in some way.

The Atlantic Coast Bicycle Route i s one of the more challenging routes that Adventure Cycling has to offer, as it has many hilly areas where granny gears are needed to negotiate the steep climbs. Northwestern Connecticut, the Susquehanna River area in Pennsylvania, and the country roads north of Richmond are extremely hilly.

In fact, e-prescribing is now the primary way physicians are writing and sending prescriptions to pharmacies to be filled, via computers or handheld mobile devices. In states such as Maine, Minnesota and New York doing so is the law. In Arizona, Iowa and North Carolina it soon will be. Speed E-prescribing enables providers to review your medical history without flipping through pages of paperwork and then to authorize and transmit an Rx for you in seconds — something that can be especially helpful if, say, you need an emergency refill of your statin while traveling.

In turn, pharmacies can automatically send requests for prescription refills to prescribers without having to call or fax an already-harried medical office staff. Worried that your personal information might get into the wrong hands in the process? While no system is entirely foolproof, the software involved is encrypted and password-protected to shield your records from prying eyes.

Accuracy With nearly one-third of adults in the U. And the consequences can be steep if someone confuses the migraine drug Topamax with the blood pressure drug Toprol-XL. E-prescribing helps eliminate such errors by requiring prescribers to enter, not scribble, the dosage, frequency and manner in which a drug should be ingested. These include alerts of potential negative interactions with other drugs the patient is taking or contraindications based on a patient’s advanced age.

Pharmacists also have access to your electronic medical history, which they can consult if they see any red flags — further reducing the chance of the wrong drug being dispensed. But e-prescribing allows doctors to see that patients have done so or to follow up with those who have not. In fact, research has shown that e-prescribing increases follow-through by 10 percent, at least for first-time fills.

Harassment & Bullying Reporting

A question mark always comes at the end of a direct question. Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc. Should you give money to beggars? That is a good question. Exclamation–for example, “Oh no! Do I love her enough to marry her?

Giphy. In Pitch Perfect 2, Jesse and Beca had like, one scene together, which struck me as odd considering they have supposedly been dating for almost four years, and are rapidly approaching.

Glenn Greenwald February 24 , One of the many pressing stories that remains to be told from the Snowden archive is how western intelligence agencies are attempting to manipulate and control online discourse with extreme tactics of deception and reputation-destruction. Training for Online Covert Operations. But, here, I want to focus and elaborate on the overarching point revealed by all of these documents: To see how extremist these programs are, just consider the tactics they boast of using to achieve those ends: Then there are the tactics used to destroy companies the agency targets: But these GCHQ documents are the first to prove that a major western government is using some of the most controversial techniques to disseminate deception online and harm the reputations of targets.

Who would possibly trust a government to exercise these powers at all, let alone do so in secret, with virtually no oversight, and outside of any cognizable legal framework? Then there is the use of psychology and other social sciences to not only understand, but shape and control, how online activism and discourse unfolds. We submitted numerous questions to GCHQ, including: As usual, they ignored those questions and opted instead to send their vague and nonresponsive boilerplate:

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A professional grave tending service that offers seasonal, monthly, and one time visits. It is 8 miles 13 km northwest of Southampton and 11 miles 18 km southwest of Winchester, neighbouring the village of North Baddesley. Just under 15, people live in Romsey, which has an area of about 4. Romsey lies on the River Test, which is famous for fly fishing, predominantly trout. It is one of the principal towns in the Test Valley Borough. A large Norman abbey dominates the centre of the town.

Search the world’s information, including webpages, images, videos and more. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Many would rather he not leave, but we’ve put our trust with him for so many years: If he believes it’s his time to go, then we should trust him on that as well. The Life and Times of Jon Stewart, reveals a plethora of information that few would know about the comedian. Stewart is not a very public guy. According to those who worked alongside him, despite his charming onscreen persona, he doesn’t tend to open up to coworkers easily.

He’s a tough nut to crack. But here are a few things about Jon Stewart that you likely didn’t know.


Special thanks is given to Shirley Wiesmann who has compiled this data and we hope you will find it helpful. Silver Definitions Pure Silver has a brilliant white metallic luster. It is very ductile and malleable below gold and palladium one of the platinum metals. In order for Pure Silver to be hard enough and suitable for arts and crafts including jewelry, it must be alloyed with other metallic components which helps to make it hard enough and suitable for crafting. Designers have crafted bead chains, chokers, necklaces, earrings, pendants, rings, bracelets, hair clips, brooches and jewelry sets using Pure Silver and an alloy additive.

The ACA Code of Ethics (ACA, ) reinforces the idea that the parents or guardian of a minor may indeed be a valuable asset to the counseling process.

Verbal, Emotional, Psychological, Sexual, and, of course, Physical. Many times, even with broken bones and bruises, we have a tendency to minimize what is happening. For some of us, being faithful in the relationship is our final boundary. Many times, the final boundary is about money. Are these the bare minimum kinds of expectations? Today, I can say, Yeah! This bar is way too low! They may say hurtful things, or embarrass you just to see how you respond. Will you tolerate the behavior, make excuses for it, or do you immediately let your partner know that you will not tolerate that treatment from them or anyone?

Tell you that you are nothing without them? Treat you roughly — grab, push, pinch, shove or hit you? Use drugs or alcohol as an excuse for saying hurtful things or abusing you? Blame you for how they feel or act? Prevent you from doing things you want — like spending time with your friends or family?

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Xolo Description The Xolo comes in three sizes: Toy, Miniature, Standard, and two varieties: It is very hairless with or without a short tuft of hair on the head and tail.

Codependency can, therefore, create problems that continue long after you have the left the environment that caused you to develop codependency in the first place. If codependent people can’t learn to recognize their own codependent behaviors, and get help in stopping or reprogramming those behaviors, they will repeat old patterns in each new.

The Web address of this article is http: If your playback device doesn’t support Javascript, the popups may not display. This article provides a quick way to estimate whether a person is controlled by their true Self or ”someone else” a “false self”. This article assumes you’re familiar with The video mentions eight self-improvement lessons. I’ve rescued that to seven. Background Many philosophers and everyday people propose that we each have a self.

There has been rich and raucous debate across centuries and cultures about what that is. After 16 years’ professional study I propose there are two types of self which regulate your personality and behaviors every day. This subself has clear, realistic wide-angle, long-range vision. In this best case, our evolving brain and body is directed and coordinated each moment by this highly-skilled true Self capital “S”.

When that happens, kids and adults report feeling a mix of grounded, calm, purposeful, focused, optimistic, strong, “up,” content, alert, aware, alive, resilient, centered, resilient, secure, potent, and compassionate. Remember the last time you felt a blend of these?

17 Difference Between Dating and Relationship